Benelux Mathematical Olympiad 2014

This is the official web page of the Benelux Mathematical Olympiad 2014. An overview of all previous editions can be found on

Tentative schedule

Friday, May 2 Saturday, May 3 Sunday, May 4
17:00-18:30 Arrival 7:30-8:30 Breakfast 8:00-9:00 Breakfast
18:30-19:30 Dinner 9:00-13:30 Contest 9:00-11:30 Social activity
20:00 Getting to know each other 13:45-14:30 Lunch 12:00-13:15 Lunch
    14:30-18:00 Social activity 13:30-14:30 Award ceremony
    18:30-19:30 Dinner 15:00 Departure
    20:00 Free time    

Practical information

The sixth edition of the Benelux Mathematical Olympiad (BxMO) will be organised from 2 to 4 May in Bruges. The Benelux Mathematical Olympiad (BxMO) is a mathematical competition on which high school students from Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg participate. Each country may delegate ten students who are selected according to their results in the national mathematical olympiads.

The competition consists of four problems each of sub-IMO level or Q1/Q4 IMO level. Each student has to work individually on these problems within a time span of four hours and a half. At the closing ceremony, half of the contestants are awarded a bronze, silver or gold medal according to the ratio 3:2:1.

The BxMO will take place in the Sint-lodewijkscollege, near by the train station and the city centre of Bruges. The participants and the team leaders of the three countries will stay at the youth hotel of Bruges, just outside the historical centre of Bruges.

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LUX 1 Andreas Bally
LUX 2 Alain Bertemes
LUX 3 Gilles Englebert
LUX 4 Pierre Kreins
LUX 5 Christina Meyer
LUX 6 Nadine Müller
LUX 7 Philippe Roukoz
LUX 8 Nico Thilmany
LUX 9 Charel Thull
LUX 10 Tara Trauthwein
Leader Charles Leytem
Leader Bernard Felten
Leader Pascal Zeihen
NLD 1 Tysger Boelens
NLD 2 Yuhui Cheng
NLD 3 Koen Doodeman
NLD 4 Cas Kraan
NLD 5 Matthew Maat
NLD 6 Peter van der Plas
NLD 7 Sander Taams
NLD 8 Bas Verseveldt
NLD 9 Jorke de Vlas
NLD 10 Bob Zwetsloot
Leader Quintijn Puite
Leader Milan Lopuhaä
Leader Daniël Kroes
BEL 1 Pablo Bustillo Vazquez
BEL 2 Antoine Dupuis
BEL 3 Alexander Geldhof
BEL 4 France Gheeraert
BEL 5 Jef Laga
BEL 6 Jérémy Lengelé
BEL 7 Klaas Parmentier
BEL 8 Léo Schelstraete
BEL 9 Jeroen Van Hautte
BEL 10 Art Waterschoot
Leader Christophe Debry
Leader Nicolas Radu
Leader Pierre-Alain Jacqmin


The 6th Benelux Mathematical Olympiad is a joint organization of the "Vlaamse Wiskunde Olympiade" and the "Société belge des Professeurs de Mathématique d’expression française".

Organising committee
Stijn Symens
Paul Igodt
Wim Van Hoof
Bart Michels
Elias Moons
Stijn Cambie
Pascale Hepp
Arne Smeets (chief coordinator)
Dennis Presotto
Merlijn Staps
Hans Baumers
Tim Seynnaeve
François Glineur
Cédric De Groote
Hoan-Phung Bui
Loïc Burger

The city of Bruges

Bruges is one of the most beautiful cities of Belgium. Worldwide Bruges is known as "The Venice of the North" and its specialities are lace and delicious chocolate. Since the year 2000, the historical centre has been added to the World Heritage List of Unesco. More information about the city can be found on this page.

Bruges 1 Bruges 2 Bruges 3 Bruges 4 Bruges 5
Toerisme Brugge
Begijnhof © Jan Darthet
Toerisme Brugge
Gruuthuse © Jan D'Hondt
Toerisme Brugge
Astridpark © Jan D'Hondt
Toerisme Brugge
Rozenhoedkaai © Jan Darthet
Toerisme Brugge
Belfort © Jan Darthet
Bruges 6 Bruges 7 Bruges 8 Bruges 9 Bruges 10
Toerisme Brugge
© Jan D'Hondt
Toerisme Brugge
Gotische zaal, Stadhuis
© Jan Darthet
Toerisme Brugge
Groeningemuseum © Jan D'Hondt
Toerisme Brugge
Begijnenhuisje © Jan D'Hondt
Toerisme Brugge
Concertgebouw © Jan Darthet
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